"How sexc of me to have gone to class today"
"Can you please stop referring to everything you do as “sexc"?"
by not a sou kin April 16, 2020
Sexc is actually a simple word really. It simply is the better way to call someone sexy, because sexy, is too lame.
"Dammn, Todd really is sexc!"
"Don't you mean sexy? Haha"
"No... you- you imbecile. I can't be friends with you anymore."

*Dramatically struts away*
by Accatryxter June 18, 2020
meaning sexy, but not in a creepy way :))
wow...how r u so sexc
by ilovexuminghao September 7, 2020
used by people who are rad to describe something amzingly rad instead of saying sexy because thats straight
Nicole saw the word SexC at killer park north park and decided to use it for the rest of her life instead of the word sexy
by petmd April 6, 2009
person sexier then anyone that u can SEE is known as sexC
god daymn he's hella sexC....
by amat June 9, 2003
Sexy Person
AKA Alissa Agrey
Alissa is so Daymmmmmm sexc
by DJP April 16, 2005