dayyyymn is slang for damn with a an added y pronunciation to add sass and attitude. Usually used when impressed by something.
by mary miller June 10, 2008
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The ghetto version of <<damn>>. The 'y' stands in to put the stress on the word.
HOMIE: Man, I saw this little shawry walking down the street with a big ol' ass. And I was just like daymn!!
by IAMRoyalty July 31, 2011
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person thats really nice with nice eyes good with talking to girls. major stoner loves music good kisser and good in bed
daymne is a major stoner
by asapmobstoner January 13, 2013
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A term to express utter amazement at any occurence. Often also used as an expression of approval. Maybe said in short as DS! (can be prolonged as much as the user would like, to ensure the gravity of the situation is correctly understood - such as, Deeeeeee Essssssssss!!!!).
Daymn Son! That property was the coolest thing I had ever seen. It looked like the city of Atlantis, but built just off the coast of Bombay!
by Ballertau12345 March 22, 2011
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You seen that girl adraya she's god daymn beautiful.
by Natetsuof January 7, 2022
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