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To ejaculate, to skeet, to jizz, to bust a nut

From the Kaplan MCAT mnemonic for the path sperm takes during ejaculation

Seminiferous Tubulues
Vas Deferens
Ejaculatory Duct

Dude, I totally SEVEN UPed on that bitch's face last night
by 15_15_15 August 27, 2008
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Best pop in the known world; Pepsi product that is lemon/lime flavored with no caffeine
by Alexius November 06, 2003
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Noun, A virgin or a celibate- from the old seven up commercial that stated that seven up "NEVER HAD IT AND NEVER WILL.
The way Devin is acting he'll end up a seven up, he'll never get any...
by aggressive player November 12, 2007
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Seven-up or 7-up refers to how attractive the opposite sex is. On a scale of 1-10, this particular person is a 7 or higher. It is more discrete when referring the opposite sex as a 7-up.
"Hey, that guy is a 7-up", "There's no seven-ups here tonight"
by Tiffany Liu August 06, 2008
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