To ejaculate, to skeet, to jizz, to bust a nut

From the Kaplan MCAT mnemonic for the path sperm takes during ejaculation

Seminiferous Tubulues
Vas Deferens
Ejaculatory Duct

Dude, I totally SEVEN UPed on that bitch's face last night
by 15_15_15 August 28, 2008
Best pop in the known world; Pepsi product that is lemon/lime flavored with no caffeine
by Alexius November 7, 2003
Hey, bro...hide that shiv, seven up!
by Loki-G October 11, 2005
A cock that's seven inches and always up
They call me seven up cause My cock is seven inches and always up
by Rainslut June 29, 2017
Noun, A virgin or a celibate- from the old seven up commercial that stated that seven up "NEVER HAD IT AND NEVER WILL.
The way Devin is acting he'll end up a seven up, he'll never get any...
by aggressive player November 13, 2007
Mexican beer with a lime in it.
Shayne was passed out from all tbe Mexican Seven ups he drank, so Trey teabagged him and took a picture.
by Driftrat81 July 21, 2017
To be 27'd up: Love to touch / be touched, holding hands, cuddle, give rubs, kissing the back of the neck, play with hair and spoon all night! ~ Wrapped up in you!
My absolutel favorite to do is to Twenty Seven Up (27’d UP) At the end of the day the city’s asleep, I'm wide awake with the girl of my dreams and all that we’ve the only thing I'll ever need.
by michaelbchicago January 3, 2012