1) Lenght of an above average penis.

2) Size penis that someone who has a really small penis will claim to have.
"Didn't ---- tell everyone that he was hung with seven inches?" "Yeah, but the two girls he slept with said he had a baby dick!"
by Cappy1 June 17, 2004
seven inches is the length of two American business card widths

To have the warm orifice become wet with anticipation seven inches of length had better be paired with at least five inches of girth.

If it's less than seven inches your only excuse is not having finished puberty

Less that seven inches your boner is barely noticeable
by Melony swooned November 27, 2012
Those pained squints you get when inch number seven is introduced
Bro you wouldn't believe the seven inch eyes when I finished inserting
by Dr Hammer February 4, 2022
When spoken, you emphasize the start of 'Lionel' so it sounds like 'lying'. It's when a guy lies to a virgin, saying he only packs 6 or 7 inches, when he is really packing a footlong.
Cindy believed Roger and thought he was average sized, she wound up getting a Seven Inch Lionel Train.
by CrazyMinion August 20, 2011