Seun is a really cute friendly guy . All seun's hate snubs . He can typically be found in Africa Nigeria Lagos on island .Seun loves girls that always have legit conversations and bore him out with gist. Everyone is lucky to have a Seun.
Your life isn't complete without a Seun.
by Son of all April 26, 2020
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A really cute friendly guy who hates snubs.
He can typically be found in Africa Nigeria Lagos on the mainland.
Seun is a lit nigga
by Lit nigga06 December 18, 2019
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Oluwaseun (unisex) are intelligent, smart and Pro-active people. They are very scrupulous, powerful, influential and sometimes they're Casanova.
They take pride in fulfilment
They're the people behind every big decision.
Seun gave the order, who can say No?
by Kolawole K February 9, 2020
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SEUN is a Nigerian name culled from Yoruba language. It simply means "praise"
Oluwaseun - Oluwa (God), Seun (praise). In-depth meaning "God be praised".
by Dfenda1 February 8, 2020
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A person who is willing to learn (or has already learnt) any technology or tool required for a gig, solely for the purpose of securing the bag.
Kyle was serious when he said he picked up PHP last week, what a Seun.
by 404 Developer June 19, 2020
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Historians have discovered that the first Seun was the great king Seun, King of a tribe of sand people known as the Mongoloids.
Known for there mis-proportioned bodies modern day Seuns are often referred to as Chodes. They are often involved in homo-erotic illegal activities. Despite these disadvantages Seuns are kind hearted simple folk who are known for being overly flamboyant.

They suffer from Seun-itus which is scientifically defined as a gigantically thick penis. Hung like a t-rex they are famous for there sexual exploits.
Seuns are the only people that Wesley Snipes fears.
guy 1: "Did you hear about the girl that got killed by having sex with a horse"
guy 2: "That was no horse, that was Seun."

Woman 1: " I had sex with this guy last night, my pussy is now the size of stargate."
Woman 2: "so he was hung like a seun."
by sanchezandjebus69 January 22, 2013
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Unclutch, as in when someone cannot come through in the clutch
"Man, that kicker missed that last second 15 yard field goal, he's so Seun." Person 1
"Yeah, thats very Seun" Person 2
by Clutchmaster P August 26, 2006
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