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Historians have discovered that the first Seun was the great king Seun, King of a tribe of sand people known as the Mongoloids.
Known for there mis-proportioned bodies modern day Seuns are often referred to as Chodes. They are often involved in homo-erotic illegal activities. Despite these disadvantages Seuns are kind hearted simple folk who are known for being overly flamboyant.

They suffer from Seun-itus which is scientifically defined as a gigantically thick penis. Hung like a t-rex they are famous for there sexual exploits.
Seuns are the only people that Wesley Snipes fears.
guy 1: "Did you hear about the girl that got killed by having sex with a horse"
guy 2: "That was no horse, that was Seun."

Woman 1: " I had sex with this guy last night, my pussy is now the size of stargate."
Woman 2: "so he was hung like a seun."
by sanchezandjebus69 January 22, 2013
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Unclutch, as in when someone cannot come through in the clutch
"Man, that kicker missed that last second 15 yard field goal, he's so Seun." Person 1
"Yeah, thats very Seun" Person 2
by Clutchmaster P August 26, 2006
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