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1. A super strain of herpes, also known as dick zits. Truly terrible.

Fort McMurray
"I think that medic I slept with in Fort Mac gave me Serpes!"

"My dick has broken out like a prepubescent boy after pizza night. I must have Serpes"
by Sundog_ January 29, 2014
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A venerial disease contractable by having sex with the reptilian aliens who masquerade as humans and control all world governments.
"Did you hear she got serpes? Yeah, she's been sleeping with a senator.
by AsaTJ May 05, 2011
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The virus caught by those new to search engine marketing. Typically characterized by beginning to use the abbreviation SERPs in conversation and email. Further, those newly infected will display a heightened interest in analytics and any shred of information regarding the algorithms that determine how pages rank in search engines.

Leads to becoming an Algoholic.
Ooh boy I just gave my new clients teh Serpes - they just sent me links to Search Engine Watch articles from 2004.
by GFrench February 23, 2008
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