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One of the most beautiful people you'll ever meet. She has long gorgeous hair and smells so good. Has tons of friends and is incredibly silly. She is amazing although she can be a bit stubborn. Serafina loves to party and be out with friends. She can also make ANYONE laugh. She is one of the sweetest people ever so don't let her go ;)
Serafina be cray
by gdtan123 January 22, 2015
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She is an Ariana fan. She is a girl that

can be very funny and sassy, she’s also very beautiful but inside she’s depressed, she likes the arts such as performing and she loves singing and acting, Italian girl who feels that she has no friends but there are only three that care about her.
Look at that Serafina go!
Your such a Serafina!
Are you okay? You’re acting like a Serafina...
by SeseG December 30, 2018
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A wonderful woman that would do anything for those that she loves! She is strong minded and opinionated . She knows what she wants and she will let you know . She is great in bed ! Don't make her mad cause she can kick your ass!!
There goes that sexy ass Serafina , singing do ah ditty !
by T1MIKEG March 09, 2014
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She is an amazing person who's super fun. She tries to be nice to everyone, but can also be really cynical. Inside, she is a sweet caring person who just wants someone to love her. Serafina tends to hold everything in and not tell people how she really feels, so at times you may feel as if you aren't connecting with her. She's super weird and funky and moves to the beat of her own drum. Serafina is also really moody and you have to watch out for her because she is very self-deprecating. She loves music.
Guy 1: "I'm so in love with Serafina, but she doesn't even know I exist."
Guy 2: "Dude, that girl is a crazy bitch. Stay away!"
by flaming_panic May 10, 2018
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A person who is searching their name in Urban Dictionary and doesn't want to see things about being "great in bed" and "wifey". Probably is disgusted by those definitions.
Urban dictionary: Serafina is wifey and great in bed!
by Serafancy June 15, 2019
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The most awesome person you'll ever meet. She's pretty, cute, beautiful, weird , and funny. She loves making up weird names like "Chirp Chirp" and she always cheers you up when you are sad. You should be grateful you have a friend named Serafina. She isn't the "popular" girl, but she has a lot of friends. She doesn't have any enimies that she knows of. She is the most amazing person you'll ever meet. SHe will make you smile no matter where you are, even if you are about to die. She likes shool and gets good grades. She is best friends with the popular girl, but she doesn't really like her. She never hangs out with her and she never hangs out with Serafina. Serafina doesn't care because she has plenty of other friends. Serafina has brown hair and green eyes, and she is kinda good at drawing. She loves her teachers, and only has one crush.
Boy 1: "Who do you like?"
Boy 2: "Serafina"

Boy 3 and Boy 1: "Me too!"

Boy 4: "She likes blank"
All boys: "NOOOOOO!!!!!!"
by Sxxxxxxa123 December 04, 2019
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