The condition that many sequels to successful films suffer from: re-hashing of plot points, shoving the best parts of the original back in your face until you almost hate it, ETC, all while trying to make the movie "bigger and better" than the original through the addition of an over-abundance of special effects, or new characters that you just dont care about (or, on some occasions, omitting major characters that people DID care about). Sequelitis can make one of 2 things happen: the third film will back off and be much better than the second, or part 2 will have been so awful that a 3rd never even gets made.
I dont remember there being a "Men in Black 2" until I saw it the other day, and now I remember why I forgot it to begin with. "Lets take a small joke and turn it into a main character!" Totally suffers from sequelitis.
by zeromus255 March 15, 2012
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A medical condition propogated by a combination of commercial success and creative ineptitude. Symptoms include bad movies and music, arrogance, denial, and desperation. In that order.

Treat symptoms with a daily dose of self-realization.
After critical acclaim and record numbers at the box office, Warner was quickly stricken with Sequelitis.
by Zizz February 6, 2005
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A case in which a film/video game/book is popular when it is released, however, it's popularity or general enjoyability decreases when the sequel is released. Sequelitis is particularly common with video games as a sequel may have improved graphics, more intuitive controls, etc.
"Batman Begins" suffers from sequelitis because "The Dark Knight" was so much better
by TMachine97 December 30, 2015
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In literature and entertainment, a sequel is a story that follows an introductory story.

See also prequel
by Downstrike May 22, 2004
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A synonym for the New Testament, which is the sequel to the Old Testament.
Wendy: Have you read the Old Testament?
Jimmy: Nah, but I did read The Sequel which was mildly entertaining...
by Etan Ilfeld November 7, 2008
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The worst goddamn movie trilogy ever. Literally takes a shit on your childhood and then laughs at your face as you watch all your favorite characters die for a little emo bitch boy.
Why couldn’t they have just left it alone. Instead the sequels ruined luke and killed han.
by Kkk6969 August 9, 2020
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Something of inferior quality. An utterance of absolute disgust.

A word that owes its second meaning to the long list of low budget, waste of space sequels to box office smashes in which none of the original actors appear, the story line is either non-existent or piss-weak, and the only way that the 12 year old mentally challenged director can salvage this trainwreck is through gratuitious use of full frontal nudity that would horrify even the most seasoned SBS World Movies connoisseur.

That movie was sequel as

Wild Things 2
by Ra Toucher October 19, 2007
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