Guy: hey guess what
Girl: wut

Guy: it’s September 26th
Girl: fine
by Gigga chad July 13, 2022
Today Is national handjob day, Either ask your girlfriend or your crush for a handjob. Their goal as simple as : make you cum.
Hey um it’s September 26th I have a crush on you and was wondering if you could give me a handjob?
by Anonymous person16 September 21, 2019
Anyone who was born on this day has to receive a picture of boobs
Wow he was boring on September 26th he is great
by Repeat it September 16, 2021
The most famous TikTokers are born on September 26th (like meh :0) so if you dis libra get TikTok if you don’t have it ❤️😎😜🤪🤩🥳🤯 (also your the best :) )
Me :Rose I’m famous

Rose: why
Me:because my birthday is on September 26th
by mynameisweird November 28, 2019
september 26th, national bj day get going ladies!
omg its september 26th! That's national bj day
by BFlr69 September 26, 2021
That is the day were the baddest bitches are born. If u have a crush one of them: tell her/him she/he loves confident boys/girls<3
„Hey badbitch i lemme be ya gf“
YESSIR september the 26th is the perfect day

„Hey badbitch lemme be ya bf“
„oh HELL yes you litterally chase the perfect date to tell me“
by Norathebaddestbitchintown November 13, 2020
Me: hey what date is it today?
Dad: 26th September

Me: Oh!! Give me money!
by Ilov3yourmom<33 September 25, 2021