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A Lucretia is a pseudo-hipster who is purposely more uncool than a hipster and thus cooler than most of your friends. She constantly uses sarcasm facetiously when she actually means what she's saying, and if can't keep up with her double-layered wit, you're not uncool enough to hang out with her.
Guy #1: Oh man, that girl's making fun of your bow tie.
Guy #2: No she digs it; she's a Lucretia.
by sadrx May 13, 2011
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Lucretia. The most amazing girl you’ll ever meet, the girl who will steal your heart the moment you see her. Gorgeous, beautiful, and oh so love able. If you are so fortunate as to meet her please don’t be awkward around and don’t let her slip away. And remember to always tell her you love her. Don’t make the mistake I made. Go and confess your love.
Wow she is beautiful.
Ask Lucretia out.
by Lucretia is beautiful December 08, 2018
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The Latin name Lucretia means - rich; rewarded
"My mom's name is Lucretia"
"Really where'd your grandparents get that one?"
"Idk, the Romans?"
by WGFK July 01, 2009
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