A Visual King is a term to describe Kim Seok-Jin from BTS.
The reason behind the term is because Jin trended No.1 in South Korea because he came out of a car door, he literally shook South Korea with his beauty and grace.
"Wow, Jin from BTS is an actual Visual King"
"Did you see Jin walking out that car door? Visual King, indeed"
by ARMYs April 20, 2017
A term used to describe a person with stunning looks. It's basically calling someone a king of good looks and is used as an adjective.
"Omg you look so handsome! A visual king!"

"Damnnn boi, a true visual king! Nobody can beat them good looks oof".
by Artistheticx August 31, 2018
A phrase used to describe BTS' visual. Kim Seokjin.
Person 1: "The third guy from the left? Who is he? He's so handsome!"
Person 2: "Ah yes, that's BTS' Visual King; Kim Seokjin!"
by seokjinism July 12, 2017
BGYO. Composed of 5 exceptionally good looking young men namely: Gelo, Akira, JL, Mikki and Nate. This Philippine-pop boy group is labelled as the "PPop Visual Kings" for having no visual hole.
I saw the PPop visual kings BGYO on tv! wow they all look handsome, I'm in love!😍
by Left Shark Swift March 3, 2021
the one. The only, Jake sim of enhypen.

Jake's visuals are so unreal it's evident that many were attracted to him even before his debut. The first impression of people who met him k-engenes and i-engenes said he was very unreal, Enhypen 1st imp members said he was very handsome. MC from various shows always said that he was handsome. So it's been proven that he deserves the nickname 4th gen global visual. Everyone was whipped by the visuals of Jake Sim from enhypen.
4th gen global visual king
by Taureanpril July 24, 2021
4 generation visual king sentence is used to describe hamada asahi of TREASURE with his soft features, cute simples and beautiful eyes he us really 4 generation visual king
"who is that boy ? His face screams 4 generation visual king"

"I know right it's hamada asahi of Treasure 4 generation visual king"
by AlexaC January 27, 2021
Jaeyun Sim (Jake)

Jake is quite popular in Brisbane and even Korea due to his appearance. Jake is the "Handsome Guy from the West" and the "Sexy Australian Guy," according to them. "Handsome Trainee" was also given upon him. People at his school also refer to him as a heartthrob because he is an excellent student who excels in math and physics, an athlete who plays striker on their soccer team, plays violin in their school's orchestra and bass guitar in church, holds a barista license, can skate and swim, and people at his school always have something positive to say about him. Jake's Australian churchmate commented that Jake is quite attractive. K-netz also praised his on-stage facial expressions, saying he's amazing for always looking good, even while he's dancing.
Hey, isn't that the sexy Australian guy?
Oh, you mean Jake? he's called the 4th Gen Global Visual King from ENHYPEN now.
by lizalei June 2, 2022