Kim Seokjin, the visual prince? No, he is more like a visual king! Have you ever heard a person can get viral for his look just by getting out of the car? Well, Kim Seokjin the eldest and the very talented member of BTS did this too effortlessly just by getting out of the car with his stunning prince like appearance that has always been there in his DNA.
Do you know Kim Seokjin?

-Yes, of course. That car door guy literally took my breath away.
by Elites.elocution July 11, 2018
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Car Door Guy is a term to describe Kim Seokjin, a member of BTS. When he got out of his car, everyone was shocked about his visuals. And that’s how he became the “Card Door Guy”
"People call him the car door guy on other sites, I was wondering who it was but turned out to be BTS's Jin!"
by JINius Galaxy July 10, 2018
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