The idea that all knowledge is gained through a person's feelings and emotion.
"We're in a ratings system here, and the key factor is, sensationalism.."
by b3j3eZu5 December 23, 2005
The key factor, apparantly.
I wish I could tell you more perfect news, but were in a rating system here, and the key factor is "sensationalism". They've got you running around in circles, 9-5, and 5-9. Your mine, I tell you what they want you to know, and you concider it the truth. NOBODY IS OPENING THEIR EYES, OUR WHOLE ECONOMY IS DEPLETING THE WORLD OF OUR LIVES AND NATURAL RESOURCES. AND ARE YOU HAPPY. COME ON, I WORK FOR THE SYSTEM!
by SugarSpider September 11, 2005
The use of sensational subject matter, style or methods, or the sensational subject matter itself such as racist incidents or behavior, published materials, or broadcasts that are intentionally controversial, exaggerated, lurid, loud, or attention-grabbing.
Today's news is just racial sensationalism!
Inane, idiotic, far from the truth stories and rumours that come out of the Toronto Area about the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Particularly, during the Free Agent offseason and around the time of the trade deadline.

Rumors that make Eklund's 30% BS look credible.
Larry Leaf Fan: Hey Did you hear? The Leafs are trading for Peter Forsberg, Naslund, Kariya, Khabibulin, Hatcher, Modano and Yzerman. - I heard it on the news

Hockey Fan w/brain: Yeah right, thats just Leaf Nation Sensationalism.

LLF: Dude we're gonna get them I know it.

HF: Yeah right, the same rumors have been coming out of Toronto since 67.

LLF: Ahh go fuck yourself Leafs will win the cup this year.
by TomM4986 August 3, 2005