To be someone's person and partner, their best friend, and most prized possession. A word used to show possession and want for a specific person when no other words are close to expressing this thought. Something said when being held close and whispered gently into their ear.
Aj: Your mine alexa
by waterdroplet February 19, 2020
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Means that the guy wants you and your either his gf or he wants u to be but its unofficial
by sydcsjfeo March 6, 2021
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Check you're grammer before you type
Person 1: Hey.. Your mine
Person 2: My what?
P1: Your mine..?
P2: Bitch do you see any bombs with me?
by Lautadell24 September 23, 2020
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when you like someone so much you dont want other people to look at them or like them
me: your mine
you: i know :)
by jiggaKnee April 10, 2022
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they wanna f*ck you so much or become friends and they want you to ask them out
by :) me and you:( October 21, 2020
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They are saying you are there girl/boyfriend.
"Justin your mine now"
by Keejwcusbe December 26, 2017
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A lying ass male lying to you claiming that your still his for you can fall for his shit but also not for none of his fine ass better looking homeboys to get with you.
Your lying nigga: your still mines

(Reality): I love you baby
by Braqqygocrazy May 23, 2022
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