One who has yet to finish their coursework in the expected time frame.
Jake: John, you're still here? Weren't you a senior last year?

John: I've ascended and become something much more, a Super Senior if you will.
by Erick Withack May 6, 2022
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Senior Management Action Plan is a path for lateral hires to be inducted in senior positions in a company. This includes exposure to all verticals within stipulated time frame:
a) Customer Care -15 days
b) Finance -5 days
c) Human Resource -10 days
d) Sales and Marketing -20 days
e) Product Development -30 days
f) Business Strategy -30 days
g) Board Meetings -5 days
h) Programming -15 days
i) Customer Satisfaction Survey -10 days
j) Creativity -30 days
The intern is business ready within seven months.
After this the lateral hire is associated with a small team to develop, launch and market a small product all by himself or herself.
In Kalkie Integrated Solutions -the female leaders were inducted by short-term SMAP (Senior Management Action Plan)-thanks to Alphabet Inc
by Vishnu Ganrau Kartik October 20, 2016
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When you get a man in the mood and confirm he has a raging hard-on, then swipe his phone quickly and call his grandparents on speakerphone. He then has to talk to his grandma/grandpa with a boner.
"I can't call my Papa Ortiz back after that ol' homeless lady gave me The Senior NCO!"
by Lady Wordsmith May 19, 2020
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