the text on your dad's mug if your dad has a boring profession
My dad is the best senior engineer in the world! so that's why my dad is boring.
by martcraft June 6, 2018
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Seniors are considered those 65 and older but younger seniors don't identify as "seniors" given the demographic has such a wide span - from 65-100+.
I'm not ready to move to a retirement community. I'm a "junior" senior.
by yogator January 6, 2022
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Chambersburg Area Senior High School, colloquially known as CASHS, is a school located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Activities are typical. Sports include attempts at football, basketball, and your occasional Woo-Hoo in the bathrooms. The school band and color guard are actually pretty good at what they do. Scholarly pursuits at the school are met with either encourangement or hindrances. Some teachers are good at their jobs and are friendly; others are hated for their reputation of being a hard-ass. The amount of homework and projects you are tasked seems to depend on how the teacher's day is going. As for student life, it is mostly typical, although there's underlying racial tension and a shitload of bullying that the staff just cant seem to notice. You'll come to find that a vast majority of the population is made up of hicks. These hicks are your wannabe-cowboy, flannel-wearin, mullet-sportin, pornstache-showin, Confederate-flag-flyin, big-truck-little-dick-drivin type of rednecks. Their brash and not-so-subtle nature makes them undesirable, but you mostly want to punch them in the face because why not. On the complete opposite end, you have the E-boys and E-girls, who are pretty similar themselves: they all play the same video games and watch the same shows. They usually sport an extremely unnatural hair dye and a desire to shit on Trump's desk. In conclusion, this school is a shithole that should not exist at all, and would be better off as a pile of ashes.
The only thing you'll miss from Chambersburg Area Senior High School is either your dignity, your virginity, or your innocence. It all sucks.
by tHatgUyfRomcBurg April 25, 2020
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Used to be one of the best schools in Perth, opened in 1979, this school is reeking with old run down buildings, full of dead beat kids and shitty staff
Describe Duncraig Senior High School in 3 words

Absolute shit hole
by Yeeter._.Skeeter March 25, 2022
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Also called middle grade

This is the 6th grade
Are you in year Elementary senior?
by 459395 March 8, 2022
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I swear, this site is full to the brim of these things saying, “THESE HEARING AIDS WILL HAVE ALL THE OLD PEOPLE CLAMORING.” Guess what?! Either their domains are being sold or you get some nasty viruses while their owners are getting more money! Don’t click any of these!
Dating for seniors is something the Internet won’t shut up about.
by MrWhomstDVe September 1, 2021
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Any Chinook salmon over 21lbs.
Me: "Hey Dave, how big do you think that fish is"

Dave Senior: "35 pounds!"
Me: *Puts it on the scale* "Wow 22 pounds"
David Summers: "A Dave Senior Tyee"
by HardyFisher December 5, 2017
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