A Hungarian name usually given to royalty up to 2000 years ago. People usually that recive this name at birth are more often grown to be very sexually attractive, cunning, dangerous, intelligent, and powerful individuals.
Our son Ferenc is as ruthless as a wolf
by King Feri November 16, 2010
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An Hungarian Boy that is very tall.
by Buttler23 September 16, 2021
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a word used after a simple statement showing that all is well.
(not to be overused)
the international sign is represented by taking your pointer finger and thumb and smashing them together.
Aaron: This food is good.
Sam: Ference bro.
Aaron: Ference.
Sam: Ference.
by a[v.] April 23, 2008
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Any given thing ever, or the happening of any given thing ever. As in, INTER-ference is when two things that have happened, happen at the same time, or coincide in some way. RE-ference is the repetitive use, or mentioning of a ference. CON-ference is a negative happening, usually regarded as an unpleasant get-together involving the discussion of various ferences.
Oh man, that interference just happened, didn't it? It's almost as if that one guy made a ference, and then some other guy also did a similar, but contradicting ference, and the two ferences collided in some way, making the first ference nullified by the second. Actually, that is exactly what happened.

Look at that reference, it's like that guy totally witnessed a ference, then made note of it at a later point in time, one or more times, much to the chagrin of his compatriots. He must have a huge dick or something.

I'm going to a conference, at which me and several other corporate d-bags will make note of various ferences in a boring, unpleasant way, most likely with an abundance of less-than-desirable snacks such as small, overly-salted packets of pretzels, and far too many small, individually-packaged mints.
by BabyKoala July 17, 2009
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claiming to do something, but never following through with it
Mike, don't ference us again, we were counting on you
by Derno February 16, 2008
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(noun) An attack of twitches and grumbles, that can only be satisfied by masturbating to computer generated females.
Last night, Jimmy had an awful ference before basketball practice.
by Jake Bernout November 24, 2007
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When you allow a friend to make reference to an inside joke (or situation) that he/she was not originally present for. Pronounced Frindfrence.
Logan can friend-ference the inside joke between us two regarding the inside joke "do I look like the Weather Man".
by BigAlz1 July 22, 2021
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