Absolute integrity, honor, and pride, and most of all, an absolute LOYALTY to ones brothers. Describes the way all men should act. It represents the ideology of the KBO Crew: Knock a Bitch OUT!!!
Stay loyal, far and away, to brotherhood, like Seling.
by b-ONE-z November 24, 2008
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sele is an athletic dude that makes everyone happy. he can be there for everyone under any circumstance. he’s the funniest coolest dude. he’s not the best looking but he has the purest heart out there
oh you know sele?
yeah he’s the greatest i love sele
by BotoSlangah808 March 23, 2018
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shes like yr best friend. not only a best friend but the bestest best friend. she cares for you , loves you as a brother , tries to help you in any way that she can. even though she might not be the most comfortable with boys around her but she will be so sociable when you are her friend / bestfriend. shes emotional but her friends will always be there for her when shes down and she will try to do everything for the better and try her best!
by ondreaz lopez January 16, 2020
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A shitty scumbag of a school. They say they deal with bullying, no they dont. They say they have a good reputation, no they dont. They say 2nd best isnt good enough..99th is the highest they will get.
you go to The Sele, get away you sket
by poooooo:) June 06, 2011
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The nickname for the famous Costa Rican National Soccer team!
Every Costa Rican child's dream is to play for La Sele and wear it's colors boldly and proud!
by Papero May 18, 2007
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to be cut up(upset,angered,victimised) like the great champion tennis player Monica Seles who was unfortunately and famously stabbed on court in 1993 by a deranged fan.
Matt - I only told him his girlfriend was a whore. How cut does he get!

Mick - yeah he's cut like seles.
by mick's a champ September 02, 2007
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Sele is a small dwarf who lives in Micronesia and has one Shmoto. He tends to scratch his ass an shets all over the place. Usually wears the same thing everyday which is a pink G-String with one fat shit stain. They normally have Boyfriends named Fabian or Richard. They like to shoot Samoan porn and shower with there Braddahs
Dude is that your friend over there ? Dude he’s such a Sele
by - Glaz November 02, 2019
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