When your sister makes a sex tape and gets famous.
Doug: Wow did you hear about the new Forbes article where it says Kylie Jenner is the youngest SeLf MaDe BiLLiOnAiRe!
Tim: buuuuut she not thoooo... she was always rich.
by Jamesbuttlicker March 07, 2019
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Self made is when someone who acquires their wealth/success on their own and do not inherit or win it. It takes time and persistence to become successful and if you've put in the work then that's declared self made.
John: Aye man look at that fool drivin round his dads rolls royce
Joe: Naw dawg you trippin hes a self made hustler.
by YoungestHustla September 15, 2013
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Someone who comes from low origins and against all odds, breaks out of his inherited social position, climbs up the social ladder and creates a new identity for himself.
Benjamin Franklin was a self-made man, who rose from being a son of a candle-maker to the one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.
by rockrapdude July 12, 2009
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This word mean that you yourself control your own action
Charlie forgot that he was a self made boss that he doesn't response to foolish people
by Kushwalker March 23, 2018
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Self-Made Sean is the sexiest mf ever seen on planet earth. He has sexy takes and will steal your bitch if you let him get too close
by nibblet_445_ May 30, 2021
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