moa means to gather and collect in korean . moa also stands for moments of alwaysness , which refers to each and every moment shared by TXT and their fans, always and forever. It also stands for TXT and their fans gathering each fragment of their dreams to complete one dream together.
person 1 : “ hey what fandom are you in?”
person 2 : “i’m a moa !”
person 1 : “moa? i’m a moa too !”
by christina marie ♥ April 04, 2020
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Pronounced "more" as opposed to "mower" it was a native, flightless New Zealand bird.
Now extinct (for a couple of hundred years), the 10 various species were eaten to extinction by the early Maori people.
To give an idea of the size of the moa, picture the smallest species being the size of a turkey, and the largest being the size of Big Bird from Sesame Street.
The Moa traditionally lived in the forest and Moa bones can still be found in caves and swamps throughout New Zealand.
Look at that drumstick! Must've come from a Moa!
by Te Tangata Nui April 27, 2006
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Moa is the official fandom name for the (south korean) boy group Tomorrow x Together, or more known as TXT.
"are you a Moa?" "yes, I love TXT and have been to several of their concerts"
by omw to ur moms house April 20, 2020
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Moa is a common girls name in Sweden. Those who are named Moa are often very kind and easygoing people. These kind of people you want around and they will always be your friend. Moa always has your back in every situation even if she isn’t always showing it. Moa has a great sense of humor and always jokes around, so don’t take everything this girl says serious. Moa loves music and has always found happiness and healing in lines of beautiful melodies. And as Moa is a great friends she’s an even better lover. Moa will love you unconditionally, she will love everything about you, all the small little things others won’t even notice, she loves them too. Moa believe that all you imperfections is what makes you perfect and she’s not one to judge. If you ever meet someone named Moa, keep them around but whatever you do don’t break her heart or trust, then she might never see you the same ever again.
Moa is the best friend you could ever get, she always has your back and is a great listener.
Moa is a great lover, I’ve never met someone quite like her.
by girl298383 January 30, 2020
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Mother Of All Secrets, the biggest/serious/interesting secret a person can have without exploding.
"Tell me your biggest secret..."
"No way man, I'm not telling you my MOAS!"
by Lola1985 September 16, 2008
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Her - OMG! I just saw on facebook he's dumped the bitch he cheated on me with and is now going out with a duck-faced oompa-loompa. I can't stand seeing him with all these girls when he could have been happy with me!!!

Me - FFS MOA!!! He's a douche-bag. Rise above it coz ur not gonna find anyone else by sitting at home stalking the prick!
by International Gypsy November 03, 2012
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An acronym for Minuet of Angle. It is a angular measurement of exactly 1/60th of 1 degree, commonly used in astronomy and ballistics, and any other field that requires such minute measurements.
M4's are guaranteed to have a sub-MOA grouping when properly shot and zeroed.
by lurch/brittney/creepyguy August 18, 2011
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