moa means to gather and collect in korean . moa also stands for moments of alwaysness , which refers to each and every moment shared by TXT and their fans, always and forever. It also stands for TXT and their fans gathering each fragment of their dreams to complete one dream together.
person 1 : “ hey what fandom are you in?”
person 2 : “i’m a moa !”
person 1 : “moa? i’m a moa too !”
by christina marie ♥ April 4, 2020
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a Tomorrow x Together stan, one of the fruitiest and BEST people on Earth. All MOAS are hot and have AMAZING taste in music.

Stan TXT now
"Omg are you a moa?"

"you are so cool, amazing, hot, and beautiful"
"i know"
by biggestbeomgyustanintheworld October 18, 2021
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clowns that stan that group of emo furries
i’m a moa so i’m automatically amazing
by just_only_b November 13, 2021
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Pronounced "more" as opposed to "mower" it was a native, flightless New Zealand bird.
Now extinct (for a couple of hundred years), the 10 various species were eaten to extinction by the early Maori people.
To give an idea of the size of the moa, picture the smallest species being the size of a turkey, and the largest being the size of Big Bird from Sesame Street.
The Moa traditionally lived in the forest and Moa bones can still be found in caves and swamps throughout New Zealand.
Look at that drumstick! Must've come from a Moa!
by Te Tangata Nui April 27, 2006
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the name for the fan group of txt (tomorrow x together)
means moment of alwaysness
person 1: are you a stay or moa?
person 2: im a moastay
by ranandom May 18, 2023
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meaning; a fandom made up of clowns
-omg do you see the circus over there???

-that’s a txt concert and those are the moas
-close enough
by beomgyus.watermelon February 14, 2021
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