A highly disturbing game and even more disturbing anime that involves schoolchildren, vengeful ghosts, a ritual gone awry, and enough violence to rival any of Eli Roth's movies
Rule of thumb, don't ever watch Corpse Party after having Burger King for lunch
by Metallicajunkie October 12, 2018
A video game/anime/Manga series (spoilers) about high school students who get magically teleported to a school of Angrey Spirits mainly being children spirits (not counting corpse party 2 dead patient )
"Hey dude you watch Pewdiepie play corpse party"

"Nah it's way to long of a play three"
by Gerardwaysmainbitch August 29, 2016
The social event held by an association of necrophiliacs when they luck into the possession of sufficiently fresh and appropriate human remains.
Jim noticed that the back door of the small town mortuary was flimsy and easily breakable; he made a mental note to come back later that night with the rest of the club and have a corpse party.
by Uncle Phil12353 July 10, 2011