Seiko Kimura is a character featured in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy and a participant in the Final Killing Game. Seiko is a member of Future Foundation and is the leader of the 4th Division. Her responsibility is to aid in the development of new medicine and medical treatments.
Boy : “So Seiko makes medicine?”
Girl “Yes, Seiko Kimura is the ultimate pharmacist after all!”
by Shuichi Kirigiri May 25, 2021
A huge ass that cannot be beaten. Not even by a kardashian.
Damn, that girl has a fine Seiko ass.
by Soof le poof May 10, 2016
The act of shaking or in some other fashion oscillating your Seiko (or other automatic wristwatch that is not capable of being manually wound) automatic wristwatch for the purpose powering it up enough to begin ticking so that it may be set and worn. Perhaps more than any other movement, the Seiko shuffle has been made necessary by the ubiquitous 7s26 movement which has since been upgraded (and renamed) to include hacking and hand-winding.
My Seiko Orange Monster has stopped, so I'll need to do the Seiko shuffle the next time i want to wear it.
by Don Victor August 29, 2022
Someone you love suing for absolutely no reason, besides the feeling of suing someone
"Emily is a Seiko"
"Ive sued Byak 10 times, hes such a Seiko"
by Estannnnn January 23, 2022
A real nigga from the dade who smokes loud drinks lean and fuxks hella Bitxhes and never spends more than 5$ on them hoes kause thats some lame shit trixking foe them.
Hoe#1 Yo girl i suxked off that nigga Taverniti seiko , his shit was huge.
Hoe#2 Well he Busted on me so im his main..
Hoe#3 fuxk outta hea Bitxh you korny he fuxk all the time
Taverniti Seiko - alright Bitxhes kalm down i know my shit right
by cookiesndboogies April 24, 2013