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a clothing store, selling volcom, roxy, quiksilver, etc. Cater's to young teenage girls who listen to emo and think their punk. Also caters to guys whoare the same, Or think their hard by wearing big ugly ass belt buckles with skater shoes and Mob Inc./Metal Mullisha clothing.
Girl: "Look at my new roxy tanktop and seatbelt belt"

Guy: "Check out my new Metal Mullisha shirt"
by scalisi May 31, 2005
Any rich snob from newport beach, orange county, california. Newport Trash are best identified by their Jaguars, Mercedes, BMWs, Benteley's or any expensive car, and their expensive watches and jewelry. They are real cookie-cutter America, and total suburbian.
Check out that guy in his Jag, with his Omega, He is so Newport Trash.
by scalisi April 12, 2005
Area code for parts of orange county and alitle bit of LA county. Includes Seal Beach, parts of Huntington beach, Long beach and belmont shore and Los Alamitos
I'm from the 562, Seal Beach mothafucka
by scalisi March 30, 2005
Japanese wathch company. Famous for many different designs. Had a hand in making the first mass produced quartz watch, the famous Seiko diver the 6309 and the ones following, the seiko kinetics, etc.

Relatively inexpensive, anyware from $40 on ebay to a tad under $2,000.
I've got a couple of Seikos, their good watches.
by scalisi October 23, 2006
Motocross team, that makes clothes. The t-shirts you see with the skull and German military helmet. Once a favorite of MXer's, now at least one metal mulisha artical of clothing in the closet of every bro. Also makes huge stickers with the skull and helmet, seen on the back window of many raised trucks.
On their way to the San Bernardino mountains to ride dirtbikes and drink cheap beer, the Metal Mulisha team got lost in one of the San Barnardino's city's ghetto's. Their black ridiculously raised Chevy was filled with bulletholes, as the team of bros struggled to get out. Now, their dirtbikes are bein' riddin' by gangbangers all over the city.

During the competition, metal mulisha was disqualified for using performance-enancing drugs, most notably penis enlargement cream
by scalisi November 11, 2006