The act of dry humping to ejaculation upon another person whilst trying to remain celobate. The juices seep through to the other party causing a transfer of fluids to their body. Related to "soaking" by Mormons but less invasive.
Christian an I remain pure but have added seeping to our relationship.
by vangloriousskookum March 22, 2018
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The act or slowley leting air flow out of your ass and betwwen your checks with out makeing a sound
Ayo smells like seep.

I gotta seep.

I feel a big beaty seep comin.

shoul I seep it.
by Michael Kleis December 7, 2006
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To let air be sucked into the anus to be blown back out in the form of a fart.
"Dude, I was laying awkwardly in bed on my stomache, when I relaxed my sphincter and let air flow in. Then I let the air back out as a fart. I call it seeping!"
by Homosaywhat June 13, 2006
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When you let go of wind (fart) without knowing you have. You only find out via smell.
Wow what’s that smell.. Bruce mate did you seep?
by Urbandictor January 9, 2020
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Can be a person your having sexual relations with. Can be the act of having sex. Or sex in general.
Jamarcus is my seep.
Man I seeped up last night.
Me and Jamarcus seeped up last night.
by GHETTOSTAR July 31, 2006
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To lay on any horizontal surface stomach down with your head laying on the surface, on your knees, and your bottom hunched out in the air, whilst you proceed to relax the anal sphincter as to let air flow into the anus. You will then have obtained the feeling of a need to flatulate, and thusly you would expel air from your rectum as it "seeps" up.
I couldn't sleep last night, and after rolling around in several positions, I finally rolled into this one position where air somehow slipped into my anus and made me feel as if I had to pass gas. I call it "seeping". I repeated the process all night long. I never got to sleep.
by Naaaythan October 26, 2007
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uncontrollable farts that manage to seep out, usually silent
"You may clench as hard as you can but they still manage to seep out."
"Goddamn smelly Seeping farts"
by bourkes May 16, 2005
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