The time span when Sears Department Stores and catalogs were the only and therefore the best method of shopping and buying merchandise. The analog marketplace.
Well us old folks who grew up in the SEARS-YEARS... aren’t used to shopping online; or having to ‘research’ where to buy specific items. Back in the SEARS-YEARS, it was simple and easy to trust in the quality and value.
by Major Thomas Randle October 15, 2018
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A very nice woman that has the heart of a french queen. Also nice until you piss her off, THEN run.
WOAH, theres taylor sears
by frenchdonkeyyy October 15, 2018
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a sex move where the guy gets up on a dresser (or some other high place in the bedroom or wherever ur doing it) and the girl lays below with her legs up in the air and spread, and the guy jumps down trying to land his dick in her pussy
Last night i was trying to sears tower my girl and i missed, it hurt like hell
by Andrew Kais April 23, 2008
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1. The kid from the sixth sense
2. A random patch of white hair
some guy: look its the sixth sense! i love this movie!

some guy 1: haha that guy over there has a random patch of white hair
2. yeah he has a cole sear!
by kitikat January 16, 2009
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When you get a stiffy before a girl even touches you.
When Joanna walked by Mark, he immediatly turned into the Sears Tower.
by Noah November 25, 2004
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A combination of K-Mart and Sears. Relatively shitty with multiple creeps and weirdos in residence. "Grand" is false advertising, nothing a Sears Grand is... "grand"
Daddy you broke my iPod!

Sears Grand 4 lyfe!
by berad52 April 2, 2008
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An awesomely cool man with luscious blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes who is envied and admired by many people, is so amazingly funny, creates the most sentimental yet invigorating poetry, who has the sexiest voice and can rock any musical instrument he wishes. Will go far in life and pursue his most desired fantasies. And who has an extremely hot girlfriend named Chance who loves him to death.
Random Girl: He's so sexy, who is he??
Chance: That's my boyfriend, "Dane Sears "
by Chance Norman September 1, 2008
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