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The movie that caught everyone off guard. As soon as the twist hits you, you get so pissed off and say to yourself, "Damn it, I can't believe I didn't see that coming.
"I see dead people"

"They don't know they're dead"

"They can't see each other"

The sixth sense was great!!
by Maserota89 April 03, 2008
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A 107 minute movie that was made in 1999 about a boy who can see ghosts.
Person: Have you seen The Sixth Sense?
Person2: Yeah!
by Mirosui Onitsaki May 31, 2005
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Just so you know, the kid can't see ghosts: he sees the people themselves after they were killed: they aren't ghosts, they're more like imprints that he can see that are very him.
The Sixth Sense is probably one of the best movies of 1999.
by George Woodard August 08, 2006
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That feeling you get when

1. Your being watched
2. You have to take an enormous crap

3. Something very inappropriate is about to happen near you or involving you.
The Sixth Sense

Ex 1: β€œHey Greg my sixth sense is aroused!” John

β€œNot again! Which one?” Greg

β€œNumber 2. πŸ˜β€ John

β€œREEEEEEEEEE πŸ˜€β€ Greg
by RetroGalacticGamer July 28, 2019
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