something you clear after your parents are about to check it for reasons
Don't check my search history mom! I never cleared the -porn- off it
by BlockFive September 17, 2017
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soemthing that you dont want anyone to see when you go on google and leave your computer with someone else, because there may be some things on your history that are either disgusting or innapropiate
hey can i look at your search history? NO because its private and i dont want to share it at all!
by penismuncher86 December 5, 2018
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sum ting tim get real angry bout
Blake yelled Search history tim and got mad
by li shittle March 26, 2018
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That horrible feature in every search engine that tells everyone who looks at it, what your favorite hentai or porn site is. Extremely classified stuff, Protect it with your life
Normal Guy:"Hey guys, don't look at my search history."
Another Guy:"You don't have a search history...if you know what I mean."
by AnonymousDictionarist November 24, 2015
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the shitty list of things that you need to clear out of your pc
I found lots of interesting websites on my teenage son's search history.
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A built-in feature that you always clear after watching porn or illegal stuff
by SkeletonGuy December 7, 2018
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something you don't show your parents and clear out daily
Mom: Son, what were you doing?
Me: Nothing...
Mom: *Checks history*
Also Mom: Sees images of really bad stuff
Me: *Before mom can get to the worst part*
by somone who is guy June 29, 2021
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