Adjective (non-plural). To describe someone who is good at chess. Derived from the expression "Sir Chess".
"Hey, you're pretty good!"
"Heh heh, I AM searches."
by Alex Quantashassle April 21, 2005
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A dreadful year long research project on any subject of your choice given to 8th children at Palms Middle School in Los Angeles. Requires 1 full length book, 2 business letter replies, 2 interviews, 2 news paper articles, 2 magazine articles, 2 creative sources, and A LOT more, just too much to remember. It's horrible and ruins the whole school year and requires many all nighters. 560 points total. Its horriibbllleee
Guy1: "Hey what are you doing for your I-Search?"

Guy2: "I'm doing mine on In n Out Burgers"

Guy1: " HAHAHA what the hell?!?. How are you gonna find a book and magazine and newspaper stuff for that?"

Guy2: "SHIT!!!! WHAt?!? now she decides to tell we need all of that. But it doesn't matter, Im Asian."
by schnoodlesss May 4, 2011
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Self-analysis of our own motive or attitude toward something. Looking deep within ourselves to find why we think or act the way we do, regarding a particular situation.
You're treating Tina like shit, dude... you better do some soul searching, 'cause I think it's because you want her to leave you, so you can hit on Beth without feeling guilty.
by drfvidal May 17, 2006
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That horrible feature in every search engine that tells everyone who looks at it, what your favorite hentai or porn site is. Extremely classified stuff, Protect it with your life
Normal Guy:"Hey guys, don't look at my search history."
Another Guy:"You don't have a search history...if you know what I mean."
by AnonymousDictionarist November 24, 2015
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The act or process of searching someone’s sack or large bag. No homo.
Attention fellow community, I am about to commit the act or process of sack searching. Thank you for understanding.
by Super succ 07 May 8, 2018
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A play on the word Research.

The event when students in college are reading for homework, research & essay writing, but gets bored and stops after a certain amount of text, then goes googling things, and/or searching on facebook, youtube, twitter, myspace, etc. Then later return to the reading, only to repeat the process. This extends the time required to get through a reading assignment and often adds hours to the task.
(1)Derek: Hey Sarah, did you finish your essay for the term?

Sarah: No, I tried to write it, but kept getting distracted by read-search. I think I'm going to fail!

Amy: That article on the human genotypes was so long and boring! Why did the professor assign it?

David: I know! I couldn't read it in one seating without read-searching! It ended up taking hours to finish reading it!
by Lexitonina April 13, 2010
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Well just because you searched that you're obviously bored what did you expect to find?
I'm bored so I'm going to search what to search
by Guy dude 123 April 22, 2017
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