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Background. Sean Hannity is a presenter on the FOX news channel in the USA. He is defensive of all positions of the George Bush administration and at best mocking or straight out slanderous of views opposing said administration.
Example number two encapsulates his comments when interviewing the CEO of Verichip corporation.

1) A person who refuses to look at evidence.
2) A person involved in corruption at the political level.
3) A person who will go to any lengths to silence an opponent.
4) A person who posts Urban Dictionary entries portraying the man Sean Hannity as a person who endorses freedom.
1) He was talking with conviction about how kerosine melts steel, boy, he's a real Sean Hannity.
2) He was talking about how injecting people with microchips is a good thing, and that he would make money from it, what a Sean Hannity.
3) He called him a kook conspiracy nut for voicing his opinion, what is wrong with these Sean Hannitys.
4) There was this guy who posted an entry about Sean Hannity portraying him as promoting freedom. He really is Sean Hannity.
by fuckthenewworldorder July 14, 2006
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