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You know those sci-fi action movies that are based in the future where the mass public have had microchips implanted into their bodies? Well guess what, thats what Verichips are. Microchips thats are most commonly implanted into your right triceps. The company has made countless claims about this and yet they are constantly being called out on their lies. Do you really wanna trust this?

Joe Biden, our current vice president has been noted as discussing it and he didnt seem opposed to the idea of people being tracked with these things.
Look it up Verichip your damn self.
by Lefterton March 22, 2009
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1. (Proper noun) VeriChip corporation, the manufacturer of RFID chips.

2. (noun) The RFID chips themselves.

3. (verb) To get such an RFID implant.
1. I lost money on the VeriChip stock because of the cancer scare.

2. Do you think I can get a verichip in my nose?

3. I got my cat verichiped in case she runs away.
by Man Machine September 11, 2007
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