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An increment of measure equal to 7 feet 5 inches or approximately 2.27 meters.
This room is 3 Yao Mings long.

Walk a few Yao Mings in these shoes and see how you like them.
by Dan Drucker July 6, 2004
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A man who leaves everything behind because he wants to smoke pot in China and only God knows what else.
Who are you, Ricky Williams? Get the Hell back here!

If George Bush gets reelected, I'm going Ricky Williams on America.
by Dan Drucker July 25, 2004
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Another spelling for "true." Trow is often used by the same people who exclaim "OMG" and "LOLZ."
Dat answer is trow.

Yo, dawgity-dawg, he's telling da trow storie.
by Dan Drucker July 9, 2004
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A phrase someone uses to describe something that they want you to do, but you realize it will require anguish or a lack of enjoyment on your part.
Going to camp builds character!

Killing your cat of 13 years may be gross, but it is something that has to be done and it builds character.
by Dan Drucker July 8, 2004
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To ban someone from your site or area if they disagree with you or pose any threat to your fear-induced society built upon using God's name to discriminate against homosexuals, African Americans, and anyone who is different from you in general.
Sean Hannity him already, he's a God damn liberal!

Don't let them Sean Hannity me!
by Dan Drucker July 6, 2004
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