One of the U.S. Navy's best assests. The REAL combat engineers of the U.S. Military and what the regular Navy squid fucktard pussies wish they could be.
Swabbie #1: "Bro, those Seabees are so fucking cool!"

Swabbie #2: "I know. I tried to be one but I didn't score high enough on my ASVAB 'cause I'm a retard."
by bas-ass bee October 23, 2010
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The most Intelligent and sophisticated, Military Construction force in the Universe. "We Build We Fight" motto, and "Can Do" are known, worlwide. Usually found in third world countries building there infrastructrue, and fixing all the fucked up constrution USACE had put in place before them. Known for drinking bar's dry of alcohol, and tend to be the life of any party or function.
John "Damn that's one Bad ass looking Swa Hut".

Wayne "Yea must have been built by a Seabee""
by BU1 (SCW) Extroidanaire January 13, 2011
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Navy asset known for accomplishing the difficult ahead of schedule and the impossible shortly afterwards. Unlike the Army Corps of engineers, the Seabees talk less about doing something and just get to work. They are skilled in third own jobs and crosstrained in everyone else's job, along with combat training and aren't lacking in personal hygiene, unlike other s. (See negative definitions above)
Officer "we need _____ done."

Seabee#1 "already done, what is next, sir?"
by Bulldozer Bee October 4, 2018
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us naval construction force at ventura in mexican california
the bush will use these poor navy swabs to nation build middle east rag head city (aka bagdad & islamabad ). Advice to seabees go figmo to canada!
by itichie_nocanpo June 23, 2006
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1) Members of the US Navy's Construction Battalion. Famous engineers of World War II who built bridges and fought the Japanese.

2) Modern day Seabees do not do their heritage justice. More often than not, they have the lowest ASVAB scores and cannot complete a job to any sort of simple building code. Their mental capacity is demonstrated by the fact that the only reason that their name is on their uniform is so that they remember how to spell it. Somehow got convinced that they were as hard as Marines because they received some weapons familiarization in basic training. They talk more than Marines automatically categorizing themselves with Cavalry Scouts. They are 100% certain that they are infantrymen and will tell ANY infantrymen, whether they are Marines or Army, that they firmly believe that they do the same job and more. Generally a nuisance to all the other services. It is commonly known that SEALs would rather associate themselves with Army PAC clerks over Seabees. Seabees tend to get PTSD from indirect fire or getting picked on by Marines. It also has been known that Seabees will tell tragic tales of war and the severe mental burdens that follow it just to get in bed with a girl or another man. In some cases, if the story happens to be true, it was probably stolen from a Soldier with the US Army Corp of Engineers.
Seabee: There I was in Baghdad with my M16 in a firefight. There were 120 insurgents down the street firing mortars and RPG's at us but I knew that we had to get this concrete poured so I moved to a forward position and laid down suppressive fire and that's when I saw it.... A little boy wandered into the firefight and got wounded by an insurgent's rifle fire so I dove through the gunfire to rescue him, but it was too late. He bled out in my arms. I also do black ops with SEALs.

Guy at Bar: Oh my God, you poor thing! Come home with me tonight!

Girl at Bar: I don't think so bitch, he's coming with me! I AM SO WET RIGHT NOW.

Infantrymen: Dude. Are you fucking kidding me?
by elwoodblues85 July 6, 2011
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When you can fix your own fuck up (normally vehicular) without someone knowing or spending any more money.
I was installing a new suspension on my Jeep and cut the transmission support member by mistake, went ahead and got my welder and grinder and

started Seabee-ing the shit out of it.
by cbmonkey78 January 26, 2019
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