When something inexplicable happens, or you don't want to explain something, you can use "Sea Turtles" as a stand in.
'Teague beckons forth the dog with the keys, last left on the cannibal island'
Ragetti: Is that... can't be.
Pintel: How?
Captain Teague: Sea turtles, mate.
by J david February 2, 2008
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An athlete who is very old but still competitive in their sport. They often put off retirement as long as possible and seem to have the same several hundred year lifespan of a sea turtle, hence the name. Even after retirement they may still be identified as a sea turtle. Examples include Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Peyton Manning.
Man, I can't believe Tim Duncan is still playing. Dude is definitely a sea turtle.
by TheRealJake April 1, 2016
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The act of puking on the beach while passed out and covering it with sand similar to a mother sea turtle
I had a great time at the beach I throwing jellyfish at people until I Sea Turtled all over the beach.
by Youngsteve March 15, 2011
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refering to the Adams family of Lake Zurich, Illinois. Family consists of 4 girls, a mom, and a dad. Combined weight of over one ton. They are very slow, they rarley leave their nest (home), they migrate to the beach to lay eggs, go swimming, and just flop around in the lake. Jeremy, the father or "Papa Turtle", is a 39 year old unemployed, unlicenced plumber and roofer, constantly complaining about how he cant find a job, and how his daughters are so fat, when his life consists of laying in his boxers all day and smoking crack cocaine, and selling the dirtiest weed for rock money.
"yo did u go to the sea turtles today?"

"im at the sea turtles smoking what u need?"

"i got the update on the sea turtles, theyre living in a tent behind mimi and papas"
by Sean Don and Codine August 24, 2008
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When one lays face down in the sand spread eagle, digs a hole, throws up in it, buries it and then proceeds to keep drinking.
Kelsey is sea turtling, time for the second part of the party.
by FriendOfSeaTurtling July 9, 2013
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a really ugly girl that isnt quite as ugly as a swamp donkey, but damm she is dank!!
man check out that sea turtle!
im gonna get really drunk tonight and hit that sea turtle up!!
by steven tyler konken May 5, 2008
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The last soda in the six pack rings.
Hey, go buy some more soda, I just took the sea turtle.
by thatonlinejerk August 5, 2013
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