A dude that simped over rin, ruined narutos life, and started a war. And also a dude that had one of the saddest deaths in naruto. At least my boi obito smashin rin in the afterlife.
Anessa: oh look it’s Tobi

Brooke: You mean obito?

Anessa: wtf bro u spoiled it
by Magic fetus August 04, 2020
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Obito is the biggest simp for rin he started a whole war over a childhood crush
Obito uchiha is a simp
by Shdjtifikfbydigukfhttbwuydrj November 19, 2020
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One of the less known Uchiha Brothers, sometimes Uchiha Tobi is mistaken for Obito. But in the manga, or so I'm told, Tobi reveals himself to Sasuke as Uchiha Madara. (damn, spoiler.. Sorry Naruto manga readers)
Friend: Isn't Uchiha Tobi-kun Uchiha Obito-kun?
Me: No, Tobi reveals himself to Sasuke in the manga.. I'm told..
by Deidara-san January 14, 2009
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