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A code word meaning smoking weed. Scuba divers dive down deep under the surface of soberness into the depths of the ocean to explore the coral reefer.
Me and watts are going to Scuba Dive after school. wanta come with us?
by layout420 December 09, 2006
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Synonym of Oral Sex or Muff Diving:
The act of preforming cunnilingus to a female, stimulating the clitoris and vagina with your tongue and/or mouth
Guy 1: Brohan do you scuba dive?

Guy 2: Nah man I'm allergic to fish...

Guy 1: True.
by NeckGod May 05, 2010
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the act of pretending to give a high five then sweeping ur hand under theirs saying scuba dive while smacking them in face with ur other hand
scuba diver : hey nice job

other dude : thanks
scuba diver : high five

other dude : Yeah !!!!

scuba diver SCUBA DIVE BITCH!!!!
other dude : oww
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You know when 2 girls are scissoring, and their legs and vaginal area are linked finally intertwined...The guy comes in for the scubadive and performs oral sex while stimulating both vaginas simultaneously
Man these 2 Hoes were linked up at the crib tough, and I hella went scubadive mode on em' at the same damn time.
by cheddarbeezy January 28, 2017
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To lick ones vagina by opening it in a scuba diving manner
Look at that teacher, I want to scuba dive in her
by The_Boys April 19, 2018
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