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A person that has had so many ER visits, that the scroll bar is needed to see them all. Previously called frequent flyers, but that implied that we appreciated their business and were happy to give them a discount for their return. The term scroller has more of a negative connotation, meaning someone that abuses the system.
From the book Haiku STAT!

Too many visits.
Scroll bar needed to see them.
You are a “scroller.”
by Haikuist March 22, 2012
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A scroller is a text message that is so long and full of information that your finger keeps swiping upward. It really should probably be an email or a phone call.
That text was such a scroller, it took me forever to get through it.
by ThanksKat&Monica March 07, 2017
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A bit of code that makes words travel accross the screen, usually found in a demo or intro.
I put particle scroller in my invitro for Assembly '02.
by Majik Fox January 28, 2004
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Individuals who are unable to stop scrolling through mindless internet feeds of data.. (i.e. Facebook)

Individuals who are so attached to their phone screens, they can't engage in eye contact.

Or, a total stoner douchebag.
"TJ, get off your phone, man. You're such a fucking scroller, man."
by Lucille Ballz December 05, 2017
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When girl sends you multiple paraghraphs or reaches the character limit when texting.
Hows it going with Danielle?
Ahh man she sent me some scroller earlier on
by The real Pablo Tescobar May 14, 2018
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