3 definitions by Lucille Ballz

Approx: 1 cup of Monster Energy Drink and 1 shot of Burnett's Sour Apple Vodka. Bombs Away!
Those Monster Bombs wrecked me last night.
by Lucille Ballz January 19, 2011
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Individuals who are unable to stop scrolling through mindless internet feeds of data.. (i.e. Facebook)

Individuals who are so attached to their phone screens, they can't engage in eye contact.

Or, a total stoner douchebag.
"TJ, get off your phone, man. You're such a fucking scroller, man."
by Lucille Ballz December 6, 2017
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He got totally shit-housed off of those monster bombs last night. He was such a Green Mean Drinking Machine.
by Lucille Ballz January 19, 2011
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