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An alternate version of the word "That," used only in juxtaposition with the word "That."

When "That" is used to take the place of a noun, use "Thet" next to it as the adverb. Therefor, you can avoid the infelicity of the "That that" occurrence in sentences.
"If I had to think of something besides that thet I enjoy more, it'd have to be pancakes."

"I think thet that's a good choice. Too bad Timmy got hit by a car."
by RandomPhail August 22, 2017

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The "Git Gud" Fallacy is when a clearly unfair scenario is written off as nothing more than a skill-gap. The fallacy takes place in cases where an individual is naturally better off (meaning they didn't work to be better off with skill or effort) than the person they're facing up against.

For example:

Individuals (A) and (B) aren't capable of having an income and have $0.00 to their name. Somehow, they become contenders in a yacht-buying contest:

Individual (A) receives no money to buy yachts, but the individual (B) receives 1-billion dollars - no strings attached - to spend on the contest...

Who will have to exert more effort to win: Person (A) with no money, or person (B) with 1-billion dollars?

If you think this sounds unfair, then that's the point.

Now, if someone were to say something like, "Well, person (A) should have made better financial decisions so they could beat person (B)," or "Person (A) should've done this, that, or the other thing," that someone would not only be victim blaming, but they would be ignoring the clearly unfair situation and essentially telling the unfortunate person to "GiT GuD," rather than acknowledging that the match-up was never fair in the first place.
"That character is so OP."

"Nah, you just have to learn to fight against them. They're a noob-destroyer."

"If it takes THAT much more effort and skill to learn to fight against THEM SPECIFICALLY, and no other character takes that much concentration to counter, then don't you think they're just OP?

"Bruhhh, lol... just git gud."

"Don't fall for the Git Gud Fallacy..."

(Oh, and not to get too philosophical, but that gif below is a good example of this fallacy because Spongebob is ironically flexing "git gud" into the muscles he didn't work for.)
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by RandomPhail January 12, 2019

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A genre of video game in which the characters exist on a 2D plane (or mostly 2D plane), and they run side to side, often with the ability to jump up or down to different points on the map to avoid obstacles or reach objectives. As the player runs to one side of the screen, the camera will follow them, allowing them to uncover more of the map as they go.
"Oh, is that another one of those side-scroller games?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah... I've just been running right forever. I think it's endless."
by RandomPhail August 27, 2018

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"TLOT" (That Libertine Over There) is the male-equivalent of the derogatory slang-term "THOT".

"Tlot" depicts a man who has many casual sexual encounter or relationships.

(noun: Informal; Derogatory)
noun: tlot; plural noun: tlots
adjective: tlotty
present-tense verb: tlotting
"Hey, have you seen how sexual Mike and Jay are becoming?"
"Yeah, they're turning into tlots..."
by RandomPhail August 01, 2020

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An acronym for an adult-game genre literally titled "Run or Rape" (RoR). The term RoR is often used by Reddit and 4Chan users to describe a type of adult game (usually a side-scroller) where if the player-controlled character runs into certain NPCs (usually enemies), he or she will partake in intercourse with said NPC(s).
"What are the best RoR games?"

"What's a RoR game? UrbanDictionary says it's the Asian version of 'lol.' "

"Well, there's a new definition. Check their website."
by RandomPhail August 27, 2018

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