With the same intention as cutting, except trying to avoid scarring. The scratcher will usually use something sharp to the touch but not pure metal, for example, a bobby pin without the plastic coating or a safety pin as opposed to a knife, scissors, razor, pencil sharpener blade, etc.
It's not cutting, it's scratching.
by ShutDesFuckUp August 27, 2011
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I walked in on my girlfriend scratching last night. She was embarrassed but it was hot.
by Robopengy June 5, 2009
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Means to be thinking. Like when you are thinking you scratch your head.
person 1: "What's wrong?"
Person 2: "Nothin, I'm just scratching about what im doing this weekend.?
by Drika October 23, 2008
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taking something said back, changing one's mind.
Gimme those Tim's ...Scratch that, I want those Phat ass Adidas instead.
by Lamb B February 22, 2003
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forget that
me "mom can you buy me some coke?"
mom "..."

me "mom, scratch that, i want skittles."
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Holmes, did you see the "Folsom Prison scratch" on that old biker? It was the shit!
by Jim Inman August 24, 2006
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