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Is the leader of seventeen.He is so hot but in reality he is just a fluffy squisy boy that you wanna protect at all cost.
Scoups and Jeonghan looks like a married couple.
by Acoups April 22, 2018
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A leader of 12 members. Means total perfection and is known to be the one with the best leadership skills.
Jihoon: "Is that Scoups..?

Jeonghan: "Yeah... Isn't he daddy af?"

Jihoon: "Amen, sister."
by bbykwon May 26, 2018
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intentionally quitting before a match is over. The term is typically used in the YUGIOH trading card game.
-Damn i think you got this one, ima scoup
-Damn i almost had that OTK(one turn kill) but that gorz stopped it, i think ima scoop
by The Reginator January 03, 2012
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