Star of the gayest show on Television, "Scott Baio is 57 and still single because he is the biggest TOOL on the planet."
Elmer: "Have you seen that new show on VH1?"
Morty: "Yea, the one with that former childstar, Scott Gayo, ooops, I mean Scott Baio"
Elmer: "Yes, that's it. Do you like it?"
Morty: "I'd rather watch ice melt, that guy is a whiney ass beeeeotch!!"
by twist weeblow August 29, 2007
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1. One of the most fetid and painful farts that humankind emits. Starts off as a loud, noisy blast, then quickly dwindles into silent, hot burning gas out of a person's anus.

2. A long, smelly, very foul fart that is usually accompanied by diarrhea.
"Clear the room! Somebody just Scott Baio'd!"

"I ate so many prunes that I got an attack of the Scott Baios."

" Hey, Guys! Let see if I can produce a blue flame when I Scott Baio!"
by Jewel64 April 23, 2010
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A slag term for cocaine

Scott Baio was the star of Joanie Loves Chachi. Chach is a common term for cocaine in many places.

Using this term makes it easier to talk about cocaine in public places ie. work or school
"Man you look haggard"- Guy 1
"Yeah, I was hanging out with Scott Baio until 5 in the morning"- Guy 2
by JuanRameriez April 14, 2010
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Similar to the Tony Danza, but instead of asking "Who's the boss" you ask "Who's in charge?" When she says "You're in charge" you slap her ass and say "No, Charles is in charge, bitch." You can also add the extended, "No, Charles is in charge of our days and our nights. Charles in charge of our wrongs and our rights."
"That bitch wasn't worth a Danza so instead I gave her a Baio."

"After Cathy and I hit the Sizzler buffet we came back to my place for some sex. While we were having sex I gave her a Scott Baio."

"I prefer the Scott Baio to the Tony Danza. I guess I've just always liked Scott's work better. That said, I'm still a sucker for the Danza."

"While I was morphing your mom last night I slipped in a Tony Danza. She was so drunk she fell for a Baio too. Stupid bitch."
by Emerson Bigguns November 24, 2007
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After ejaculating on your partner, shouting WA-WA-WA! Like Chachi from Happy Days.
Boy A: My girlfriend really likes Happy Days, so I pulled a Scott Baio mayo on her.

Boy B: Nice!
by Onemanarmy675 November 5, 2011
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An event or gathering that elicits an expectation of low attendance or no enthusiasm. Coined by Psychology Today writer Jeff Pearlman.
"Are you going to John's party?"
"No, I hear it's going to be a total Scott Baio film festival. He only ever has Bud Light and old Doritoes at his parties."

"I was planning on going to that new club that just opened, but Jenna went and said it was a Scott Baio film festival. There were like four people there."
by scott_baio_ruins_everything April 21, 2010
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