The Country that’s Above And on Top of England In every respect. Scotland Rocks!

Jesus: But Father you have created this wonderous land with beautiful scenery and natural wonders, why are you so generous to these people?
God: Yes my Son! But wait untill you see the Neighbours I am giving them!
Scotland is way Nicer Than England
by william the wallace March 15, 2006
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The best place in the world..the grass is green..the girls are.... Well prettier than most and if anyone tries to say that its not or if our national dress code is mocked... be sure to fear for your life!! It is described as "the best small country ever!!" the only reason it isnt the best country ever is due to the fact that we have a country sized tumor growing from "oor erse" (ass). That tumor my amigos.. Thats right is england!! Need i say anymore!!!
Examples of language used in Scotland!!
1. Cum ben the sittin room wee man
(come through to the living room small one)
2.we gittin fir oor tea maw??
(what are we having for dinner mother)
3.Dinnie gees any yir shite
(could you refrain from bullshiting please)
4. Yill beh cuvered in dug hair fae erse tae fuckin tit!!!
Oh my... you'll be covered in dog hair
by TheEvilScotsman July 18, 2011
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Scotland is the most northerly nation of the United Kingdom. It's native name is Alba. The national languages are English, Scots and Scottish Gaelic. They are a Celtic nation. The famous Tartan Army come from here and hate the SOUTHERNERS (England).
Scotland is better than England.
by Clyde1998 June 06, 2010
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A great country, great education, (mostly) great people.

Some of it's best products:

The Fratellis
Craig Ferguson

Scotland > America, England, Japan, France, Italy, China, Canada and everyone else COMBINED!
by Onion Queen October 01, 2007
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A country which all the people living there are over proud, when really there is nothing to be proud of.
oo im from scotland an i hate the english and we are the best country in the world.
by fesfe February 25, 2007
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National Dress - The Philibeg
(The kilt is an english invention circa 1870 - India)
National drink - whisky (or anythin else if you're buying)
National sport - Gowf and fitba'
National pastime - rippin't the p*** out of the english
National language - Variable dependent on degree of intoxication
National hero - William Wallace
National Inventions: TV, Telephone, tarmac, raincoat(macintosh) the Bicycle. rubber tyres. The bank of England, The FBI, Police forces, The US Navy, Double breach shotgun, Whisky. Also:- Penicillin, antiseptic treatment, DNA, Dolly the sheep (cell replicationcloning),
Ad infinitum!
National pride - In Abundance!
Scotland uisge beathawhisky, gowfgolf, fitba'football
by teaghee May 18, 2010
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Small grey country, full of greasy, bitter, uncultured scum. Construct an identity for themselves as 'tough', despite being a nation of wife beaters, and talk about little else but their perceived superiority to the English. Small penis, much?
"I love my country, and I love my buck-toothed, car-thieving, Buckfast-drinking thick-as-pig-shit countrymen. Go Scotland!"
by Dennis Hopper January 01, 2007
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