as it is obviously shown by the first definition, Minster is a town in mid west ohio populated by the most stuck up people on earth. they are too excited over their overrated sports and like sniffing their own farts. Most are wealthy and like talking about their new things. Minster people care only for themselves and will screw anyone else over. They are always right, and you are always wrong. Also, the cops suck and pull people over for no reason. Never go to Minster. NO ONE LIKES YOU (CLAP CLAP, CLAP CLAP CLAP)!
You: Where was Jesus born?
Minster citizen: Minster!
by Mercer County Rules December 14, 2011
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A small, mile by mile wide party town. If you don't like to have fun-leave. The town has a pheomonal cross country and track team along with a decent football and basketball team. Other sports don't get much attention. Everyone knows everyone. One of the best places to hang out on the weekends is Willys or the Dutch Mill. Minster is also known for it's fabulous OKtoberfest. There is never a dull moment in this town! Most people wish they were form Minster.
Hey, where are you from?" "Minster." "Wow, I wish I was you.
by wishyouweremedadada March 15, 2011
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a girl named min. whos has the ability to min
She's such a minster
by chris wee May 04, 2005
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The Greater Fitchburg Leominster Area located in Worcester County, Massachusetts.
Dude I went to Fitch-Minster the other day!
by Greg2009 June 07, 2009
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a small town of kind, yet ignorant and racially insensitive whites
"why does everyone dress the same here?"
"bruh, its minster ohio"
by hate ohio July 25, 2017
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