another word for 'cool', 'awesome', or' thats great'
Phillip: I got pizza for dinner
David: score
by corrie-meister March 2, 2003
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To succeed in seducing someone sexually.
All you have to do is impress one another to score, or you'll have to settle for a cheapshot.
by kal March 6, 2004
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In film; A score is the music that aids the film usually made up of orchestra music (violins, Drums, Horns, Chellos, Piano, etc). Typically these scores, also called soundtracks in many cases (as they go to film and television) are styled classically but with a modern twist.
Hans Zimmer does the score for the films Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, 3, and 4, The Simpsons Movie, and The Batman Trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises).
by EinGerman January 26, 2012
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A robbery or hold-up that entails a large payout. ie, armored car robbery, sticking up an underground poker game.
"I do what i do best, i take scores. You do what you do best, try to stop guys like me"
Robert Deniro in Heat
by hellborg July 9, 2012
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to get, recieve, purchase, steal, or have

(synonym of 'cop')
Yo, i'm about to score a free case of beer, want some?

Did you score?
by uh... Andy September 9, 2004
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london slang for £20
also slang for a fix of heroin as this is also £20. some people also say a score is an eith of skunk, bein £20 aswell.
i need my fix man, but i need a score to get it.
can u do us a tens of skunk mate? nah i only deal with scores.
by Jonnyq January 8, 2004
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To get off (kiss/snog/meet/shag) with a guy or girl.. or have a guy or girl who you like, like you as well.
example one:
guy 1: i scored that cute chick by the bar last night
guy 2: well in!!

example two:
girl 1: becca scored with jules you know!
girl 2: omg really? she is so lucky!!
by Tilly Tits November 1, 2005
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