Getting with a girl (commonly used by football jocks)
Brock scored the hottest girl in school

After the game Im scoring !!
by Jock059 January 7, 2010
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£20 worth of any given recreational drug, usually weed. An eighth of a ounce, or 3.5g
You picking up a score this Friday or just a tens?
by Aidan Brooks June 1, 2005
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In Irish slang, to 'make out with' or tongue kiss.
Did you see Stephanie scoring with the guy inthe back of the bar?
by oxford_p March 21, 2011
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1 to shoot and/or kill someone.

2 to succeed at something and/or to acquire money.
"I'mma ride on brick squad catch a nigga I'm scoring" -Chief Keef Diamonds lyrics
"Black boy scoring his life, I'm scoring the Oscars" -Pharrell MMG The World Is Ours lyrics
by TyquanTHO May 3, 2013
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The act of securing an advantage, especially for a surprising or significant gain.
Will your homegirl let me make the score for what's right, which is herself and her love?
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant January 22, 2005
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"that movie so score"
by JohnnyLurg August 20, 2011
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A dark persona whom represents man's lust for power, money, and respect. Modern day artists often depict The Score as a man with a top hat, who lurks in the shadows of area casinos.
Brian and Dave promplty returned to the casino in hopes that they would catch The Score.
by David Dyson August 27, 2006
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