when you're smoking marijuana out of a pipe or piece and you suck in too hard and you get ash (or 'scoobs') in your mouth.
Diana: hey, Lillie, pass me that bowl!
Lillie: no, man! that sh*t is cashed, i totally just got scoobs!
by Big Shasta July 27, 2004
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Silcone + Boob = Scoob. Not to be confused with Milkies, which are big natural breasts.
When Stacey graduated high school, her parents bought her a nice pair of Scoobs.
by 2003 Scoob Champion September 18, 2010
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another name for pills such as vicodin, percocet, aderol, ect.
Also called "scooby snacks"
Ed: I need some scoobs
Paul: I have some vikes!
by sunshine(: September 20, 2009
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What one says after smoking doobiness amounts of weed, or "marijuana". One who does this is usually referred to as a "Scooby" and enjoys smoking Jamaican blunts. Often talks to himself too.
Scooby: Uhh...blunt.... SCOOB SCOOB

Random Kid: You high man?


Random Kid: No but obviously you are..

Scooby: Jamaican. scoob scoob.
by Epic Flatlander February 18, 2010
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When smoking weed, if you take a hit and some weed goes through your piece and enters your mouth, also known as "shit on"
Fuck, your piece scoobes like a mofo
by turtle November 21, 2004
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