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when you're smoking marijuana out of a pipe or piece and you suck in too hard and you get ash (or 'scoobs') in your mouth.
Diana: hey, Lillie, pass me that bowl!
Lillie: no, man! that sh*t is cashed, i totally just got scoobs!
by Big Shasta July 27, 2004
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A noun, adjective, or verb that can mean almost anything in any context
What the scoob!

Hey can you scoob me a miller?

Don't touch my scoob bro.

You tryna scoob later?

I'm gonna scoooooooooob.
by Scoober69 January 03, 2017
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noun: tactless guys that approach girls to hook-up.
omg did you see that scoob spill his beer on himself while was asking me out?! hilarious!
by sandspit August 27, 2007
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When you are almost finished with a bowl of fine weed, if you ever get a nugget of ash, it's referred to as a scoob. Also known as a scooby or a scooby-snack.
(Person 1): Dude, I took a really hard hit when we were almost out of weed, and a bunch of ash flew into my mouth!

(Person 2): Sounds like someone had a couple scooby snacks!
by TheGreenMachine420 October 29, 2011
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A scoob can also be referred to as a lame or a goofy. A scoob is anyone who is at a certain level of immaturity or lameness and does not know how to get down and party with the big boys. A scoob can also be spotted drinking natural lite beer and wearing clothes purchased from tillys
"Look at this fucking scoob drinking natty lite we should totally beat him over the head with our huge cocks"
by Spittykicks March 28, 2014
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Being as cool as or pertaining to scooby doo. Arguably the most radical things are totally scoob.
Dude last night Steve killed it on the dance floor, his moves were totally scoob.
by steezboss69696 February 15, 2017
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