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When a guy attempts to talk to a girl whom he finds attractive but then totally blows it by stuttering or making sounds (usually loud) that more resemble animal noises than actual human speech. This often will frighten the pursued female, causing her to run for safety and will certainly become a source of ridicule for the "schoolboy" should any friends witness or find out about the event.
Drive-thru lady: Here are your milkshakes, guys.
Dan (driver): Thanks!
George (passenger): (whispering) Dan, say something nice to her to make her feel special.
(Dan then proceeds to peel out of the drive-thru lane due to overwhelming fear, blowing any chance to ask the lady out for a date)
Drive-thru lady: Those white boys are freaks.
George: Man, you really schoolboyed it there, Dan. I can't wait to tell everyone I know exactly what happened.
by dannyp76 July 13, 2011
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