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Scheming is a ingenious way to out maneuver and out wit many minds in advancing devious goals without detection. This can be performed by either one person or by an elite group of schemers. Scheming is an art form. It is art because scheming can be carried out in any possible way at any possible time. If your not sure you've been schemed, than it has been properly done on you. Scheming is usually done to lessen heads from certain activities: smoking some tasty haze
"Jenna realized she was schemed when she found herself alone and the group gone with the spliff"

"Be careful of 123 C and their nonresidents, they may seem cool...but their all scheming bastards"

"Was that scheming or some ninja work?"
by 3rd June 11, 2006
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(v.) to try to get a girl by any means necessary particularly by being sly or sneaky
Ben: Yo me and my girlfriend just broke up two nights ago

John: Well damn that's why Joe was scheming so hard on her at the party last night
by Neb Movies October 19, 2015
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when great minds such as bruce, eric, and denise put thier minds together to form and ingenious yet ridiculous plan of action
bruce - we got to scheme for this weekend
eric - nigguh we got to scheme for tonight
denise - you guys are fucking dumb
bruce - lets start scheming
by bruce almighty aka god August 25, 2008
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similar to hoeing (but now used by people of any gender, unlike previous uses of "scheming")
(v.) trying to sleep with people (mischievous connotation)
*in the club* "Ooh she scheming" (often shortened to schemin')
by acupcakewashere October 17, 2017
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