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a secret plan or scheme to accomplish some purpose, especially a hostile, unlawful, or evil purpose:
β€œAye man I think they plotting on me”
by DroSims October 17, 2019
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Hanging out/ cotching. Having a little jam with a couple of people.

Can be abbreviated to plottin
She's got a free yard, I know she's not on having a massive party but I wouldn't mind plotting at hers for a bit
by Lucy100 March 07, 2007
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The creation of a horrible plan. People who plot will always refuse to tell any of their plans to their friends. People who plot will often come in pairs, wanting to plot together against their friends and/or partners.
β€œGod damn it, Julia and Violet are plotting again.”
β€œThey scare me. I think we should be concerned.”
by LowestGround May 01, 2020
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Definitely different than scheming, you'll know it when you see it, just know it definitely looks different than scheming.
Tex: Thats plotting.

Tucker: Maybe they're scheming?

Tex: No, scheming looks different. Thats definitely plotting.
by gimmeyourmilk October 01, 2019
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(v) When a large group of young people all park their cars in an abandoned parking lot, tune into the same radio station, and proceed to have a dance party. From the word "plot", short for "parking lot"
"You comin' plotting this weekend, kid?"

"I don't know why the cops showed up, all we was doing was plotting"
by Jesse Hanawalt October 17, 2006
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When you are too lazy or don't want to watch a movie for any reason, but you want to know what happens and why everyone is talking about it. So you decide to go on Wikipedia and read the movie's Plot.

This can also be applied to books, TV series, etc.
Guy 1: I saw Super 8 last night, it sucked.

Guy 2: I know!

Guy 1: Have you seen it?

Guy 2: No, but I've plotted it.

Guy 1: Gotta love plotting, I wouldn't have wasted my money on that movie ticket.
by Him Almighty June 16, 2011
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